537. Nerds Love Gadgets

537. Nerds Love Gadgets

nerds love gadgets

It’s time for the further adventures of The Flickcast. The podcast about stuff nerds love. This week it’s Episode 537: Nerds Love Gadgets.

On the show this week Chris and Joe decide to go a different way (slightly) and talk about some of their favorite gadgets, tools and other things they use for fun and to get things done. There’s a whole bunch of them including rolling pins, thermometers, knives, notebooks, (and some from Joe that don’t involve a 3D printer) so listen and enjoy. And heck, you just might find a new gadget for yourself. It could happen.

Picks are back too with Chris’ pick of the book Why Does E=MC2 and Why Should We Care By Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw and Joe’s pick of the LEGO Pac-Man Arcade set. Yep, it’s a Pac-Man arcade game made out of LEGO. It’s pretty cool.

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