New 'Alien' Prequel in the Works?

New ‘Alien’ Prequel in the Works?

alien-movie-poster1We may see a prequel Alien, one of the greatest and scariest sci-fi/horror films of all time, in the near future. At least if, according to an interview with Fox’s Co-Chairman Tom Rothman over at IESB, Ridley Scott decides to do it. Rothman gave the interview, which featured some more tidbits about a potential Alien prequel and also the reboot of the Predator franchise, while on the red carpet for the Austin, TX premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night.

During the interview, Rothman was asked about an Alien prequel and said: “There’s been some talk. Ridley Scott, Ridley is right now working on Robin Hood, but I think he’s toying with the idea and that would be great for us. I mean, it’s always been a matter of, really, if you can get the originator to do it that would be the greatest thing, so I’ve got my fingers crossed, all of them.” Rothman, when asked about the announced Predator reboot, said it was going forward and that Robert Rodriguez’ film, now known as Predators, would be under the writer/director/producer/editor/steadicam operator’s total control.

Other projects mentioned during the interview included Daredevil and James Cameron’s Avatar — which will likely have footage from it from shown at the San Diego Comic-Con in July. So, a potential new Alien film under the direction of Ridley Scott. Robert Rodriguez has total control over a Predator reboot. We will see footage from Avatar at Comic-Con and Fox may end up doing another Daredevil movie. Of those things, the first and the third most interest me. The second and last? Not so much.