'Star Trek' Writers Tell All

‘Star Trek’ Writers Tell All

alex_kurtzman_roberto_orciFirst, a note of warning. This post contains some SPOILERS, so read at your own risk. It’s no secret that we love the new Star Trek here at The Flickcast. Well, most of us anyway. It was a great movie that helped reboot an ailing franchise that had seen better days.

Still, as much as we liked the movie, there were a few decisions made by the writers and director that had us scratching our collective heads and certainly had the potential to anger Star Trek fans.

Now, thanks to an article over at MTV’s Movies Blog, some of those head scratechers are being brought into the light by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the film’s co-writers and producers. According to the article, Orci and Kurtzman struggled quite a bit with several questions and story points, incuding a couple huge ones. What were some of those huge ones?

“Destroying Vulcan obviously,” Kurtzman said in the article. “The scariest thing about that was us having to pitch that to Leonard Nimoy: ‘Hi, I know we just met, but let me tell you about what happens to your home planet’.”

Another story decision, according to the article, with a huge possibility for controversy was the relationship between Spock and Uhura. Orci explained: “It was a decision that was made largely because Spock had just suffered the death of his planet, and you felt for him so dramatically, and in a moment like that the person he would talk to – in his own Spock way – would have been Kirk, except him and Kirk weren’t friends at that point.”