'Blackest Night' Leads to a Father and Son Reunion?

‘Blackest Night’ Leads to a Father and Son Reunion?

blackest-night-superman1With anticipation building for DC’s next big crossover “Blackest Night”, the biggest question seems to be “Who are the Black Lanterns?” Judging from tag line such as “The Dead Will Rise”, upcoming comic solicits and various toy line announcements, a few characters have been basically confirmed to be wearers of the black rings. Some of the most notable characters expected to be Black Lanterns are Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Earth-2 Superman.

For those who don’t know, Earth-2’s Superman is a older version of Superman from an alternate dimension who was killed by Super-Boy Prime in the “Infinite Crisis” crossover event. In the upcoming mini-series Blackest Night: Superman, Earth-2 Superman is seen standing over the grave of the recently deceased Jonathan Kent, the father of the Superman we all know and love (Well, maybe not all love but at least all know).

Could this mean that Pa Kent is destined to become one of the Black Lanterns? With Earth-2 Superman being one, it has already set the stage for Superman to become involved in the crossover. But if his own father were to become one, how could Clark Kent fight the man who adopted and raised him like his own son?

While the full list of fallen heroes or villains will become the Black Lanterns is still unknown, here’s a wish list of who could be holders of the black light:

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) – Coming back as the undead to find out a new Beetle has taken his place. Hilarity ensues as he comes back with half of his face is missing being fatally shot in the head.

Doomsday – He “killed” Superman once, let’s give the big guy another shot.

Hawkwoman – Never really got her fair shake and was always in Hawkman’s shadow. This time she comes back and takes the spotlight.

Batman (Bruce Wayne) – What better way to turn the DC world upside down? Bring back one of the most beloved heroes as the evil undead. Then put the two strongest and most widely recognizable characters together as evil undead versions of themselves with Earth-2’s Superman and the real Batman both dead after the two had fought so vigilantly to save the world.

While it may anger many to have this be the way Bruce Wayne reappears, if there is a writer who can pull it off, it’s Geoff Johns.While all of these are speculation, it will be exciting to see just who Johns adds to the already impressive list of Black Lanterns.

Blackest Night #1 comes out in July.

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