Dave's Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

Dave’s Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

dylan-dog-coverThere is a new Barnes and Noble that just opened up in my neighborhood. Its built into an apartment building, one of three such glass & metal monstrosities recently built in the Upper East Side, with escalators that take you underground. So, at least if the events of The Day After Tomorrow ever happen (and Al Gore increasingly convinces me that they might) we’ll at least have a place to take cover.

Anyway, this new B & N is a MALL. A mall of books. Two floors, God-knows how many square feet of DVDs, books, graphic novels, film script collections, and pretty much everything ever printed. To say the least, I blacked out somewhere between the hours of one and four this afternoon.

My first recommendation is the first book I came away with: The Dylan Dog Case Files, published by Dark Horse Comics.  Translated from Italian, Dylan Dog is a supernatural detective that hunts monsters in the Louisiana Bayou. Created by Tiziano Sclavi, Dylan is being brought to life by Superman himself, Brandon Routh in the movie Dead of Night.

My second recommendation is Detective Comics #854, which introduces the new creative team of Whiteout writer Greg Rucka and artist J.H. Williams III. The book also features Rucka’s creation from the pages of 52, Batwoman.  If you happened to make it to New York Comic Con this past February you were treated to the delights of the first few pages of what is sure to be a downright beautiful book. You can download a preview of it at the link above.

dark_avengers_uncanny_x_men__utopia_1My final recommendation is something I’ve really been looking forward to: The first crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers in fifteen years! Dark Avengers/ Uncanny X-Men Utopia #1, written by Matt Fraction, one of my favorite writers working today, and drawn by Marc Silvestri, this is sure to be a witty, tough as nails, six-parter. I’ve been looking forward to this crossover since the changing of the guard in Secret Invasion.

As always we here at The Flickcast care about what you read, so leave a comment below letting us know what you picked up this week. If these selections aren’t to your liking, NYC’s Midtown Comics has a list of everything that comes out this Wednesday.


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