Watch Ron Moore's 'Virtuality' on Hulu

Watch Ron Moore’s ‘Virtuality’ on Hulu

virtuality_castSadly, not very many of you ended up watching Ron Moore and Michael Taylor’s “back door” pilot Virtuality on Fox last Friday. The numbers were not very high at all, which pretty much ensures the show will never become a series. That’s unfortunate because the pilot was very well done and would have made quite a good series.

Well cast, well directed (by Peter Berg) with engaging characters, clever dialog, some action, suspense and a mystery plot twist at the end would have made me tune in each week to follow the continuing story of the Phaeton crew on its mission to save earth. My one major problem with the show isn’t really a problem with the show exactly, its with Fox billing it as a “TV Movie.”

This is not a movie because a movie has an ending that finishes a story and explains most of the questions raised during the story. This was a pilot that assuredly ended with the beginning of a story, which is exactly what a pilot is supposed to do. For whatever reason, Fox has consigned Virtuality to the scrap heap of discarded quality shows that never really got a chance and decided to cut its losses and air the show on Friday to see what happens.

Fortunately, you can now catch this terrific pilot on Hulu and Fox on Demand. Go watch it and enjoy it as much as I did. Then, if you do, let Fox know you would really like to see it become a series. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually listen? Although, I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath.

Be sure to check out the show on Hulu or feel free to watch it right here after the jump.