XBox and PS3 Get Sacked on July 23rd

XBox and PS3 Get Sacked on July 23rd


Ever want to be a part of football history for free, even if it’s only for five minutes? Come July 23rd, anyone who pre-ordered Madden NFL 10 for XBox 360 or Playstation 3 from Gamestop will be given a download code for exclusive access to a limited Superbowl XLII demo of the game. The latest in EA’s best selling annual NFL franchise is scheduled for release on August 14th but these Madden loyalists will be given the chance to play as the Superbowl Champion Steelers against the Cinderella story Cardinals in a five minute quarter game.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet and are still considering it, good luck finding a store that hasn’t sold out yet of this top tier title. But not to be outdone and always focused on giving value to its paid customers, XBox Live just announced that its Gold members will be getting their own one week exclusive demo featuring 1 minute quarters with the New York Giants against the Dallas Cowboys, also on July 23rd.

On July 30th, that same demo will become available to XBox Live Silver and Playstation Network members. But as any hardcore Madden player will tell you, one week’s extra playing time in the ultra competitive society that revolves around it, one week can make the difference between the Pro Bowl and the toilet bowl.