The Flickcast - Episode 19: Beyond Thunderdome

The Flickcast – Episode 19: Beyond Thunderdome

the-road-warriorPreviously on The Flickcast, Chris and Matt were neck-deep in the loving embrace of all things Comic-Con and talked about a whole slew of things with special guest writer/producer Mark Verheiden. Among the topics covered were how Comic-Con has changed over the years, the status of Mark’s various other projects like Ark and Quatermaine, the end of Battlestar Galactica and what, exactly, Starbuck really was.

This week, your favorite trio is reunited as Chris and Matt welcome Christina back to the show. The team wastes no time and jumps right in with discussion and debate on topics including the Seinfeld cast’s upcoming appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ridley Scott signing on to make an Alien prequel, Steven Spielberg’s decision to direct a Harvey reboot as his next film, Apple’s relationship with iPhone developers, John Barrowman’s life after Torchwood, Jon Favreau’s talk of Iron Man 2 and Avengers in 3D and what actor may take on the title role in the next Mad Max film.

The team also chooses some more things to recommend this week including Christina’s pick of AMC’s series Breaking Bad, Matt’s pick of the TV series Leverage and Chris’ pick, the horror/thriller The Collector.

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