The Brand New 'Fable III' Teaser Trailer

The Brand New ‘Fable III’ Teaser Trailer

fable 3

Considered by many to be the definitive RPG of the original XBox with the hugely successful sequel on the XBox 360, the Fable franchise is, behind Halo, one of the most beloved exclusives Microsoft has. Earlier today in Cologne, Germany, head of Lionhead Studios and Creative  Director of Microsoft Games Studios, Europe Peter Molyneux announced the next piece of the Fable franchise coming in 2010.

Fable has always been about the moral choices of an individual and how those choices have effected the world around him, whether he chose to be a savior or a tyrant. Now, Fable 3 looks to up the ante as you will see in the game’s first teaser trailer that just hit the Internets.

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