'Fringe' Contest Announced

‘Fringe’ Contest Announced

fringe-anna-torvJ.J. Abrams’ Fringe is one of those television shows we really like here at The Flickcast. Watching the weekly adventures of that eclectic group of people (especially John Noble as Walter) as they try to solve the odd mystery of the week and figure out how it all ties together is a welcome diversion from the more mundane shows offered up by the various networks. Plus, the show is well written, has a great cast and is just plain fun.

And now, those of you who are also fans of the show can join in that fun because ABC has announced a brand new contest in conjunction with the show. Just head on over to this site: www.CompleteThePattern.com for your chance to enter. The grand prize winner will win a trip to Vancouver, BC and a visit to the set of the show to see how they make the magic happen.

The first prize winner will get a hi-def home entertainment system and five second prize winners will receive a copy of the Complete First Season of Fringe on DVD — which hits stores on September 8th. So Fringe fans, head on over to the site and enter for your chance to win. Sadly, as much as we like the show, we can’t enter or win. But if you win, can you take us with you to the set? That would be cool.

  • Gloria_schilling
    February 19, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Fringe is the best show ever with it’s amazing twists keeps you guessing through to the end.