First Look at 'The Smurfs' Movie

First Look at ‘The Smurfs’ Movie

smurfsposterWith Hollywood scooping up as many franchises and rebooting them as possible these days, each of us are bound to see our favorite childhood TV show turned into a multi-million dollar film. For fans of The Smurfs, especially all the members of the Official Smurf Fan Club, that dream is finally coming true.

A few months back, Columbia Pictures announced that they were retooling the 1980s cartoon for not only the big screen, but in 3D as well. Now that some time has passed, the first poster has been revealed, showing us what the new-and-improved smurfs will look like, and if anyone has ever collected the Smurf figures, they know what to expect.

The script comes from the team of David N. Weiss and J. David Stern, who penned the script for other family films such as Shrek 2 and The Rugrats Movie. Behind the director’s chair is Raja Gosnell, who has only directed a handful of things including both Scooby Doo live action films. Gosnell is probably better known for being a veteran editor on films ranging from the first three Home Alone films to 1980’s Popeye.

No word on casting just yet, but IMdB lists both John Lithgow and Julia Sweeney as rumored to be attached. It’s quite possible we could see Lithgow portraying Gargamel, which makes a lot of casting sense. The Smurfs is set to hit theaters nationwide on December 17, 2010.


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