New 'Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony' Trailer

New ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony’ Trailer

agegateheaderGrand Theft Auto is without a doubt one of the most infamous names in video games today. Ever since the debut of Grand Theft Auto III where players could pick up a prostitute and then get a “refund” by killing her, it has been at the top of the media by pushing the envelope further and further. With Grand Theft Auto IV as one of the most popular games of 2008, Microsoft saw the opportunity to further their lead in the console war with Sony by commissioning two exclusive episodes of downloadable content for the game for a hefty price tag.

The first, “The Lost and the Damned” reintroduced players to a minor character from Nico’s Grand Theft Auto IV campaign as he fought his way to the top of the food chain to become leader of The Lost biker gang. With the changes in gameplay and the engrossing story, many people felt “The Lost and the Damned” was better than the core GTA IV experience. Now, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive hopes to catch lightning in the bottle a second time with “The Ballad of Gay Tony”, the second and final exclusive episode for the XBox 360.

“The Ballad of Gay Tony” revolves around, shocker, a character named Gay Tony who is the owner of the most popular straight club and gay club in Liberty City and what he has to do to keep that from being taken away from him. As far as pushing the envelope further, it’s pretty safe to say that anything could be on the table for this episode as “The Lost and the Damned” featured a full frontal shot in it (and no, it wasn’t female.) With virtually no limits to what they can’t do and an epic landscape like Liberty City, take a look at the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto “The Ballad of Gay Tony” after the jump.

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