First Trailer of Woody Harrelson in 'Defendor'

First Trailer of Woody Harrelson in ‘Defendor’

defendor7Woody Harrelson seems to have had some pretty good luck with roles in his long career — especially lately. From playing the undead-bashing hero in next month’s Zombieland to the crazy conspiracy theorist in November’s 2012, Harrelson has accumulated 18 film roles in the past three years alone. It looks like Woody is finally taking on the world of superheroes, as he takes on the lead in Defendor.

The film was produced entirely out of Canada by actor-turned-writer/director Peter Stebbings, who’s only other film was 2008’s Jack and Jill vs the World starring Freddie Prinze Jr. The premise follows three characters, a teenage prostitute (Shorts‘ Kat Dennings) a psychiatrist (Sandra Oh) and a mentally disturbed man named Arthur who decides to fight crime as the dark crusader The Defendor (Harrelson).

With films like Kick-Ass hitting theaters and giving the general audience a glimpse at a super powerless superhero story, it makes sense that something like Defendor will do well, especially with it’s dark comedic undertones.

Check out the first full trailer after the jump. Defendor is screening at the Toronto Film Festival next week so expect to see it at your local theater soon after that.