'SNL' Announces First Four Hosts, Loses 2 Members

‘SNL’ Announces First Four Hosts, Loses 2 Members

saturday_night_live-thumb-320x320-11158Each year, right before they start up a new season, the cast of Saturday Night Live gets an overhaul. Sometimes it’s good news, sometimes it’s bad. In the past few years, the show lost members like Maya Rudolph, Amy Pohler, Darrel Hammond, and now it it looks like relative newcomers Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins will not be joining in the upcoming 35th season.

There is no public report on why Watkins was canned, but according to E! Online, the reason for Casey Wilson’s firing was due to her weight.

Our inside comedy sources tell us SNL producers told the curvy Casey to lose 30 pounds during the show’s summer hiatus. They pretty much demanded it. And whether Wilson just couldn’t drop the weight or she just only wanted to give her middle finger some exercise, she didn’t drop a damn pound. And that’s when she was axed, we’re told.

Though we won’t get to see Hota Kotb, Barbara Walters, or the third Cougar anymore, the loss of Casey and Michaela comes the opportunity for two new female comics. Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad will be joining the cast on September 26th.

Along with the replacement of cast members, the not-so-ready-for-prime-time players will also be getting ready for their first four hosts. Megan Fox and U2 will kick off the season on September 26th. Ryan Reynolds and Lady GaGa are set to host/perform on October 3rd, while Drew Barrymore and Regina Spektor will take the stage on October 10th. Finally, Gerard Butler will be hosting on October 17th to promote Law Abiding Citizen along with Shakira as musical guest.