Interview: Claudio Sanchez talks 'Kill Audio' - Part 2

Interview: Claudio Sanchez talks ‘Kill Audio’ – Part 2

claudio-sanchezCheck out the first half of our interview with Kill Audio writer and creator Claudio Sanchez as he talks about the creation of this very unique character originally based of a designer vinyl toy concept that he and his fiance came up with.

The Flickcast: To digress just a little bit, we also cover TV, movies and video games ant our site and your band Coheed and Cambira was featured in the first Rock Band and as downloadable content. Do you have anything you’d like to talk about being involved in the video game process?

Claudio Sanchez: I’m a gamer. When I have the free time certainly. The last game I played was the Ghostbusters game, which again, going back to being on the road, if I have a game that I really want to play it’s like okay, I’ve got a week because I’m getting out there and I’m not going to bring my XBox. It’s going to get destroyed. I’ve been through like six of them already.

FC: Because you broke them or the red ring of death?

CS: The wheel of death. It’s not me. It’s definitely that ring. So anyway, I beat it. It was definitely satisfying. I’m a big fan of Ghostbusters and I thought they did a fantastic job. Usually when they license a property like that to a game, the game is always a disappointment. And that one I think went above and beyond and I was certainly satisfied. I love video games.

I would love to do a video game based on some of the materials, some of the concepts behind Coheed and Cambria. But we’ll see. It’s nice to be a part of something like Rock Band and to be well received through it. It’s fun, certainly for my brother who gets to play it. That’s a lot of fun.

kill audioFC: Um…(Momentarily blanking out due to the effects lack of sleep during Comic-Con weekend) Sorry I just blanked out for a second. I’ve had a long weekend too.

CS: Sorry, it’s me. I’m going off. (laughs) “What is this dude talking about? Shut the hell up.” You should just give me a smack. (laughs)

FC: I think your PR people would really not appreciate that one. (laughs) Is this your first time here at Comic-Con?

CS: No this is actually… I believe we started doing Comic-Con back in 2003 or 2004. 2004 we released the first attempt at the Amory Wars in The Second Stage Turbine Blade comic and we only got two issues deep and again we were very new at it but we’ve always had a booth for Evil Ink. This is actually the first year we decided not to do that and just partner up with Boom! Studios and do that route.

Every year I’m super involved. I help set up the tables. I’m super enthusiast about that. This is what I do. It’s tough for me to go see a concert and be super psyched. This is like my concert. This is me going to see Zeppelin or something. (laughs) I look forward to this so it’s a little weird this year not being able to set up and be hands on but at the same time I also have a lot of free time and I get to really explore the floor.

FC: Speaking of Boom!, how has that been being with one of the more major publishers (of indie comics) going on right now?

CS: So far, so good. They’ve been really helpful. We’ve had some difficulty in the past and again being very new at actually writing comic books, I can use all the help I can get. That’s something that’s not one of my strong suits I would guess but I certainly have a blast doing it. They have been really helpful and their editors have been really receptive and they give the right amount of information. I am very open to criticism and I love to get advice and I want to do well.

FC: Have to ask, any good Comic Con stories that are okay for public consumption?

CS: I don’t know. Well, I’m trying to think. Usually one of the fellas that works for Evil Ink, we like to call him the Chooch. He’s influenced one of the characters in Kill Audio who is called the Chooch. Usually he goes and does some crazy things. I don’t know if any of them are actually Comic Con related. They might be.

FC: Well we appreciate your time, is there anything else with Kill Audio we might not have covered, especially the release date since we didn’t mention that yet?

CS: I think it’s a October 6th release date. Just check it out, if just for Sheldon’s artwork. It’s beautiful. And it’s funny, I think it is anyway. When you’ve got an oversized chicken that talks like your stereotypical pimp doing huge lines of dope, I mean “Chicken coke daddy baby! Check it out.”

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Again, we thank Claudio for taking the time out of his busy schedule at Comic-Con to speak with us. We will be looking forward to giving a full review of Kill Audio on our weekly The Pull List comic book reviews as soon as it comes out.