Peter Berg Says Smith and Theron Returning for 'Hancock 2'

Peter Berg Says Smith and Theron Returning for ‘Hancock 2’

hancock-willsmithWith great comic-to-film news coming from left and right this week, there was bound to be one or two stories that make us cringe just a bit. Sadly, that story has to do with director Peter Berg talking up a sequel to last year’s successful foul-mouthed superhero film Hancock. Not only is there a sequel being planned, but it looks like Berg wants another A-lister alongside Will Smith and Charlize Theron.

According to our buddies at MTV Splashpage, the director has confirmed that the full cast is back, and that we may even see a new player:

The big reveal at the end of “Hancock” was that [Spoiler Alert!] both Smith and Theron’s characters are immortal gods who become vulnerable when near each other. For the sequel, Berg said we can expect the appearance of at least one more all-powerful god. What’s more, he’s got his eye on a well-known name to play a third superhero. “We have [someone in mind],” Berg said. “I’m not gonna tell you who, but we have!”

There hasn’t been much speculation on who the third “god” could be, but Will Smith and Charlize Theron are definitely considered to be A-list stars, so putting someone up on a poster alongside them and calling them a “well-known” player may be a pretty tall order. Our suggestion? Harrison Ford as the grizzled veteran god who just wants his family back. Thoughts?

Update: In addition to Smith and Theron, it seems Jason Bateman will also be returning as well. Good news for the film because any movie benefits from his participation.

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    October 5, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    O’ goodie! what we all need more crap!