Twitter Giveaway: Early 'Brutal Legend' Demo!

Twitter Giveaway: Early ‘Brutal Legend’ Demo!

BR $4Keeping up with the huge metal and rock theme in today’s video games, who’s to say you can’t combine the epic theme of a Lord of the Rings type game with names like Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Black? Well, with Brutal Legend, you can, and now you can even play the demo of the game before everybody else!

We’ve got a few demos to give away, and we want you to have them. ALL you have to do is keep an eye on our Twitter updates, because you’re going to need to @reply to us. Two random @replies will get themselves a free copy of the demo to download EARLY before everyone else gets it.

Also, if you don’t get chosen today, you can pre-order the game at Gamestop this Friday (9/17) to get access to the demo. The demo will be released officially to the rest of the world starting next Thursday for Xbox Live Gold members and on October 1st for Xbox Live Silver and PSN members. Be sure to also pick up your copy of Brutal Legend on “Rocktober” 13th! Stay Brutal!!