Wii Gaming Console Dropping to $199

Wii Gaming Console Dropping to $199

Picture 2Earlier this week, The Flickcast reported that the Nintendo Wii may be getting a price drop.

Now, according to Kotaku, Target AND Toys R Us are advertising a new price of $199 in upcoming circular ads. While this seemed to be just rumor before, these ads make a price drop more and more of a possibility.

A price drop for the Wii couldn’t come at a better time.. Since its release in 2006, the console has never dropped in price. At $250, the Wii is only $50 cheaper than a PS3, which has far more advanced graphics and a Blu-ray player. A $50 drop in price will surely help this small console compete with its much bigger and bulkier adversaries this holiday season, as well as convince gamers who don’t already have the console that it’s worth buying for new holiday titles like New Super Mario Brothers, Spybots, and Wii Fit Plus.

Be sure to check back here at The Flickcast, since we’re likely to hear something from Nintendo at next week’s Tokyo Game Show.

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