More 'Trauma', 'Mercy' and 'Law & Order' Sneak Peeks

More ‘Trauma’, ‘Mercy’ and ‘Law & Order’ Sneak Peeks

law-and-order-castOur friends at NBC have provided us with even more sneak peeks at their upcoming shows Trauma, Mercy and the returning juggernaut Law & Order, back this year for its landmark 20th season. We’ve got seven new videos to share with you today. The first ones come from Trauma and feature an action packed look behind the scenes giving you a first hand look at the role of the first responders. The second provides a closer look at the men and women who are first on the scene and run into the danger to help you.

The third Trauma video talks more about the “raw emotion” of the show and how its stories unfold with emotion and depth. Moving on to Mercy, the videos from that show give you more insight into the characters on this drama. First, the cast talks more about their characters and their stories. Next are interviews with Jamie Lee Kirchner and Taylor Schilling who explain their characters and why they love them so much. Finaly, we’ve got a video from Law and Order where the cast and series creator Dick Wolf talk about the legacy of the show now that its starting its 20th season.

All in all lots of great info on some new shows and a new insight into a show that’s been around for quite some time. Be sure to check out all the videos after the jump. Trauma premieres on Monday, September 28th, Mercy on September 23rd and Law & Order returns on September 25th.



Law and Order

NBC seems to be pulling out all the stops promoting its new Fall shows. Well, at least some of them because they keep sending us new promos for the shows pretty much weekly and, of course, we’ll keep putting them up so you can get a look at them. This time around we’ve got a couple looks at both Trauma and Mercy — two of the networks freshmen medical dramas — for you today. In these clips, more sneak peek at actual things going on in the shows than traditional promos, we get further information about the characters and situations that we can expect when watching them.

Its been a while since I really liked a medical drama having given up on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ER long ago. But after seeing all the promos and such for these two shows I’m still kinda interested in both of them. Each has its strengths to be sure such as interesting casts — Taylor Schilling and Michelle Trachtenberg in the case of Mercy and Cliff Curtis, Derek Luke and Jamey Sheridan in the case of Trauma — and somewhat unique perspectives on the medical drama. But in the long run I guess before I can really make a determination, I’ll just have to watch them. Of course, I will — especially if the kind folks at NBC send over some screeners.

Trauma hits the air on Monday, September 28th and Mercy on September 23rd. Check out the new sneak peeks after the break.

  • Erin
    September 23, 2009 at 10:35 am

    It’s tough to come out with a “nurse show” that is original and distinct from previous shows. I only hope that Mercy somehow finds something to distinguish it. From what I read, it is worth watching at least a couple of episodes to find out, but not much optimism beyond that.