Facebook and Twitter on XBox Live Release Date Leaked

Facebook and Twitter on XBox Live Release Date Leaked

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Since its announcement at E3 earlier this year, the social networking elite of XBox Live have anxiously been awaiting the release of Twitter and Facebook for their 360 consoles. As Felicia Day of “The Guild” and “Legend of Neil” fame announced, Twitter, Facebook and LastFM would all be integrated into the XBox 360 Dashboard. There, players would be able to update statuses, check out friends’ profiles and pictures and listen to music all while on their 360 if they have a Gold XBox Live account.

The wait has been long for some as there has, so far, not been a date announced for this service to begin. Plus, it was left out of the recent August Dashboard Update. But apparently we may have an actual date now, thanks to a leak on the UK XBox official website which listed November 17th as the date the service would go live. This was quickly taken down and replaced with the more open ended Autumn 2009 instead.

Of course, this lead to speculation on if Microsoft was waiting to announce the date at a later time to integrate it in to a larger marketing push, if the service was not fully ready to go live at the November date or if the date the service would go live would be the same in both the US, UK and the rest of the world.

So far, there’s no answer to these questions, but we’ll keep you posted on this as well as all other major video game news. And, hit us up on Twitter if you want to find out our XBox Gamertags.

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  • Anonymous
    October 28, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    heck yeah!

  • John Carle
    October 28, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    To me, this just further adds to the value of the XBox Live Gold account. Instead of increasing the price of it, they continually add new functionality in addition to just online multiplayer gaming. Having some demos a week early, Twitter, Facebook, Last FM and party Netflix watching, it feels worth that $50 compares to the loss of functionality that the Playstation Network has.

  • Charlotte.
    October 28, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    ;O ONLY IF GOLD ACCOUNT?!?!?! Typical xbox ¬_¬ Theres another point to why xbox gold year subscription should be on the christmas list x]

  • jaime
    October 13, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Better get an Xbox! A.s.a.p.