Fan Film Friday: 'Storm Trooper Makazie One'

Fan Film Friday: ‘Storm Trooper Makazie One’

Picture 2We have successfully avoided most Star Wars fan films here on Fan Film Friday for one reason: they’re all pretty bad. If you’ve seen one dude using After Effects to add in a lightsaber, you’ve seen them all. We’ve recently come across this little fan film, Makazie One, about a bad ass stormtrooper, that may be worth the watch.

Granted, there are plenty of continuity loopholes in the film, such as the fact that the stormtroopers are fighting an army of Boba Fett’s, even though there was only one Boba, and that there are a few different troopers who get unmasked in the story, none of which are clones.

Minor geek issues aside, the film is pretty well done, considering what it has to compete with. There is an interesting war movie overtone to the film in aesthetics, which makes for something new in the Star Wars universe.

Check out the full film after the jump, and be warned, it can be long at moments.

  • patientskeptic
    November 10, 2009 at 6:09 am

    Re: Continuity loopholes

    Stormtroopers weren’t clones, but enlisted men. The “army of Boba Fett’s” would be Mandalorians. Well done film.