Marvel Releases Free Psylocke Sketchbook For Upcoming Mini-Series

Marvel Releases Free Psylocke Sketchbook For Upcoming Mini-Series

PsylockeIf you’re a fan of Ninjas and hot chicks who kick considerable ass then the character Psylocke is one you should definitely get to know. Now, thanks to Marvel, if you haven’t had the pleasure of her acquaintance yet, you can know get to know Psylocke up close and personal in her very own mini-series. But first, if you check out the info in this official press release, you can find out how to get a cool Psylocke sketch book for the mini-series right now.

Check out all the info below. Also, be sure to click through for a larger preview of the cover to Psylocke #1.

Torn from the pages of Uncanny X-Men, the most dangerous mutant ninja assassin is getting her own mini-series, and you have a chance to go behind the scenes of Psylocke for FREE! Discover the Psylocke Sketchbook, courtesy of Marvel Digital Comic Unlimited, right here! Red hot writer Christopher Yost and fan favorite artist Harvey Tolibao provide in depth commentary on never before seen sketches from the upcoming series!

What sends Psylocke into a murderous frenzy? And how is Wolverine involved? Fans can’t afford to miss this sneak peak into an explosive story of betrayal and revenge! This highly anticipated mini-series promises to change the already significant role of Psylocke forever! Be sure to check out the Psylocke Sketchbook for FREE right here!

Don’t forget to get your hands on the very pulse-pounding Psylocke #1, in-stores November 11th!


  • jaime
    October 22, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Very cool, this is one of a few Marvel book’s that look’s like it’s worth picking up.