Michael Trucco Will Be 'Facing Kate'

Michael Trucco Will Be ‘Facing Kate’

Michael-TruccoAmong its many virtues (and believe me, there were many) Battlestar Galactica had a terrific bunch of actors in it. Because of their high quality, its should really be no surprise that many of them, including Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer to name a few, have gone on to do more work in TV and look to have long careers ahead of them. To that list we can add one more name: Michael Trucco.

Trucco, along with How I Met Your Mother co-star Virginia Williams, are set to star opposite Sarah Shahi (last seen on of one of my favorite recent shows Life) in the upcoming USA drama pilot Facing Kate. The show, in case you’re not familiar, concerns a divorced San Francisco woman (Shahi) who leaves her job as a lawyer to become a mediator following the death of her father, who headed a law firm.

Trucco will play Kate’s ex-husband, who’s also an attorney, a charmer, and who, surprise surprise, still has feelings for her. Williams will play Kate’s “obsessive and controlling younger stepmother who is determined to keep her husband’s firm.” Could be interesting. And really, who doesn’t want to see Anders in more shows? I know I do. He’s cool.