'New Moon' Gets Trumped By 'Three Wolf Moon'

‘New Moon’ Gets Trumped By ‘Three Wolf Moon’

3wolfmoonWith a new moon arriving this past Monday, and a film called New Moon arriving in theaters this Friday, it was only expected that the vengeful internet gods would take this week as time to spoof the film based on Stephanie Meyer’s book.

Saturday Night Live was one of the most recent groups to jump on spoofing the highly popular book/movie series, and now it looks like our pals at College Humor have done the same. What’s one thing that can trump a vampire and a werewolf? Three wolves…and a moon.

For those unaware, there is a phenomenon moving across the country, a phenomenon in which people everywhere think that wearing a shirt with three wolves howling at the moon makes them “cool” or “badass”. This trailer proves that they may have been right all along.

Check out the video after the jump, starring the lovely Aubrey Plaze from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Enjoy.