PS3 Firmware 3.10 Update Adds Facebook Integration

Picture 2Though they’ve been at war since the dawn of the Next-Gen gaming networks, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 have been a bit more visual with their dispute over the past few weeks. First, PlayStation announced they would also be supporting Netflix instant streaming, but only by way of a Blu-ray disc, which proved to be pretty awful.

Now, after Microsoft announced the integration of Twitter and Facebook in Xbox Live on Tuesday, Sony is again trying to get their hand on top of the bat, as they just announced yesterday’s 3.10 firmware update will also offer Facebook integration. From

Once firmware 3.10 is installed, the PS3 will be able to send updates to a user’s Facebook wall indicating which Trophies they’ve just unlocked in games and what they’ve recently purchased from the PSN’s PlayStation Store. Developers will have the ability to access Facebook functionality to send more detailed updates to the site from their games, and these options can (as was the case with Trophies) be patched into titles currently on shelves.

Basically all this means is that you have notifications go to your Facebook, with little-to-no actual Facebook control on your PS3, unless you use the browser application. It’s a cool feature to have, but in terms of competing with the Xbox Live update, it comes up pretty lame. Even if it doesn’t prove that useful, check out how to update your system in a video below.

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