What You Missed: '30 Rock', 'Community', 'The Office' and More

What You Missed: ’30 Rock’, ‘Community’, ‘The Office’ and More

joel-mchale-communityJust in case you were asleep, out of town, forgot or your Tivo, or other brand of DVR, somehow missed recording one or all of our favorite NBC comedies this week, we’ve got some highlights of what you missed right here. Shows such as 30 Rock, Community, The Office and Parks and Recreation are darn funny comedies that also, in many cases, have continuing storylines that go from episode to episode.

So, its a good idea not to miss one of them or you might be lost the following week. Fortunately, you can catch most of these shows on Hulu if you missed them. Or, you can at least try and keep up with the real funny bits by watching the clips from this week’s shows right here after the jump.

Remember to make sure your DVR is primed and ready to record next week when these shows are on. To make sure, keep in mind that 30 Rock is on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30C, Community is on at 8/7C, The Office at 9/8C and Parks and Rec at 8:30/7:30C. Got that? Good.

30 Rock

Dealbreakers Talk Show
Liz pulls a “Jenna” and shuts down production of her new show.

Sleeping on the Job
Keeping Tracy down is all in a day’s work.

Livin’ XL with Grizz & Dotcom
Dotcom enlists Grizz and Cerie to star in his first film!


Reverse Porky’s
The dean addresses Annie, Shirley and Britta on the attempted break-in over the “giant thumb in a turtleneck.”

Nighty Night Troy!
Abed reads Troy a good night story and tucks him in.

Community Celebrations
The cast of Community share their holiday plans and fun from set during the shooting of their holiday episode.

The Office

Scott’s Tots
Dwight’s ultimate plot to take Jim down is set in motion.

Parks and Recreation

Tom’s Divorce
Andy is on the warpath to break up Ann and Mark.

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