Halo Goes LEGO In 'Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat'

Halo Goes LEGO In ‘Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat’

Picture 2It’s no secret that we all get giddy for LEGOS around the Flickcast office. Whether it’s playing Lego Batman in our spare time, reviewing Lego Rock Band for the site or watching “8-Bit Trip” for Fan Film Fridays, Legos hold a special place in our hearts. It’s also no secret that we love ourselves some video games here and it is impossible to say you love video games if you don’t love Halo.

Now, six years in the making comes a trailer combining two things we love the most. No, Traveller’s Tales and Bungie are not pairing up to release Lego Halo for the XBox 360 but we are getting the next best thing. Using the magic of stop motion animation, a lot of free time and a passion for the two properties, Alex Kobbs has created a twenty-five minute long homage to his two most beloved properties with “Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat”.

Taking place on a Lego recreation of Halo 2’s Zanzibar multiplayer map, “Battle of the Brick” brings to life (well at least Lego life) the epic 8 on 8, red team versus blue team multiplayer experience that has dominated XBox Live for years. Not sacrificing anything for detail, Alex has recreated weapons with epic detail, taken the time to animate everything down to the waves crashing on the shores and built a gigantic in scale version of the famous map.

Between the unveiling of energy sword, seeing the warthog come barreling out of the base and watching a grenade explosion, it’s hard to anticipate which will be the greatest moment of the film. All we know is that when it does debut in early 2010, we will be watching. Until then, check out the trailer of this already impressive work of fan appreciation.

  • gibsons
    May 6, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    looks cool!