Six New Clips from 'Avatar'

Six New Clips from ‘Avatar’

avatar-poster-210x300With critics and other people around the Internets finally having a chance to see James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar this week, more footage is pooping up online as well. Case in point is these six clips from the film that are now online, as discovered by our pals at Coming Soon.

The six clips give you a pretty good idea about how the film begins and what happens during the first 30 or so minutes. In them you see how Sam Worthington’s character, Jake, comes to planet Pandora, meets the human military and scientific personnel stationed there, gets his Avatar body and his mission and then heads out into the wilderness to accomplish that mission.

If you like to go into a movie like this without having much knowledge of it, these clips won’t help you accomplish that. If you do like to know something about a film before seeing it, go ahead and click on the links after the jump to watch these six clips and it will be “mission accomplished.” Sadly, we can’t embed them for you here so you will have to click through to watch them at YouTube.

Oh, one more thing. If you do want to watch these, I suggest you hurry before they are all gone — as sometimes happens with “leaks” like this. Avatar opens December 18.

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

Clip 3.

Clip 4.

Clip 5.

Clip 6.