What You Missed: 'Chuck', 'Heroes', 'Conan' and More

What You Missed: ‘Chuck’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Conan’ and More

As we do often here at The Flickcast, we’ve got lots of video highlight and preview for some of your favorite shows this week including Chuck, Heroes, Law and Order and Conan O’Brian on The Tonight Show. This time around the highlights of Chuck include a clip from last night’s episode with guest stars Brandon Routh and Angie Harmon.

And get ready for next week’s episode with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristin Kreuk in the preview clip. With Heroes, there’s a recap showcasing Slyar’s plan to regain his power with the help of Claire. Then, look ahead to next Monday’s episode as Noah tries to take down the Sullivan Brothers Carnival.

On The Tonight Show, Conan continued to explore his job options. He shared some of his offers with the audience and then they took a vote on the best one. Conan also had a gift for his supporters at the “I’m With Coco” rally. What a nice guy.

Check out all the videos after the jump.


Chuck Versus Operation Awesome
Chuck has to improvise when his master plan doesn’t go according to plan.

Next On: Going Solo
Chuck goes on his first solo mission. Kristin Kreuk and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin guest star. Chuck, Mondays 8/7c.


Two Minute Replay: Pass/Fail
Hiro is put on trial for his life; Sylar seeks Claire’s help; Samuel’s dream of love takes a terrifying turn.

How Do I Hate Thee?
Sylar has a hyper-erotic plan to get his mojo back, and it’s got Claire seeing red.

Next On: The Art of Deception Preview
H.R.G. enacts his plan to take down the carnival; looking to understand his desire to make a human connection, Sylar visits Matt.

Law and Order

A video tape reveals that the blackmailer is being blackmailed.

Preview: Steel-Eyed Death
Lupo and Bernard investigate a disturbing and bloody crime scene.

Next On: Haunted By The Past
Lupo’s past comes back to haunt him. All-new Law & Order, Friday 8/7c.

The Tonight Show

Conan’s Job Offers
Conan reads a few of the jobs he’s been offered…And asks people to vote on it!

LaBamba at the Rally
At the “I’m with Coco” Rally in LA, LaBamba makes a surprise appearance!

Deon’s Theory
Conan’s a black man?