Warner Bros. Pushes 'The Losers' Back To A June Release

Warner Bros. Pushes ‘The Losers’ Back To A June Release

This summer wasn’t looking like that big of a deal last month, but in that time, we’ve already picked up the pace with Clash of the Titans getting a late Spring release, and now it looks like June will be a battle between Warner’s The Losers and Fox’s The A-Team.

Both films have a similar premise, with A-Team being a reboot of the popular TV series from the 80’s and Losers being an adaptation of a comic book. With more than enough money in either film’s budget, both can be considered a “summer blockbuster” on their own.

This isn’t the first time this year that Warner Bros is messing with release dates. It came out a few weeks ago that the studio would be pushing the release of Clash of the Titans back one week in order to compensate for the film’s conversion to 3D. Now their changing the release date of Losers from April 9th to June 4th. A bold move.

In history, a change in a film’s release date usually means that the film didn’t test very well with audiences, and they have to go back with reshoots in order to get a better audience score. The same thing was done with this weekend’s release of Universal’s The Wolfman, which was changed twice.