'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Gives Us Just the FAQ

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Gives Us Just the FAQ

Former The Shield writer/producer and current Sons of Anarchy creator/exec. producer/writer Kurt Sutter has a blog and on it he tells it like it is about working in Hollywood, making the show, the motorcycle culture and pretty much anything else he damn well pleases. He’s also recently posted a list of frequently asked questions about his show, Sons of Anarchy, that he obviously gets asked, well, frequently.

The questions are some of the typical ones a successful person in Hollywood who is producing a well-known and respected show gets asked. In fact, he’s probably heard these questions so may times he’s lost count. Hence, the FAQ. Really, if you think about it, Sutter is not only providing a great show for us to watch but also a valuable public service as well. Gotta hand it to the guy.

Some of the highlights of the FAQ include:

I have a great idea for the show, can I send it you?

No. I cannot accept any ideas, pitches, stories, scripts, notions or dreams from anyone. It’s a legal issue. It protects me and you. If you send it, post it or email it — it will be shredded, removed and deleted. Sorry.

I want to be an actor on your show, how do I audition?

If you are a SAG/AFTRA actor who has a permanent address in Los Angeles you can have your agent submit a picture and resume to our casting director, Wendy O’Brien. If the picture is not sent through a signatory agency chances are the envelope will never be opened.

When is the Season 2 DVD coming out?

Summer, 2010.

When is Season 3 beginning?

We never have an exact premier date until a few weeks before. We did very well with the timing of season 2, so my guess is that we will air some time in early September, 2010. But right now, that is just speculation.

For the complete list of questions and answers, head on over to Sutter’s blog. Sons of Anarchy Season 3 airs on FX later this year. You should watch it, it’s good.

    February 25, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    you guys really need to be on more than one time a year. we think your show is awesome and want to see more. we ride ourselves and love the freedom that you feel and the places that you can explore on a bike as opposed to in a vehicle. can’t wait till your show comes back on and try to make it more than once a year like we said.