Get A Preview of Issue Three of Marvel's 'Siege'

Get A Preview of Issue Three of Marvel’s ‘Siege’

Siege so far has been one of the best Marvel events in recent memory. Not having to worry about delays due to its short 4 issue run, the end of the Asgardian siege by Norman Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R. will be all cleared up before May. With the penultimate issue set to be released March 17th, was given a first peek at some of the pages of this gigantic issue.

If you haven’t seen them yet, the pages as well as IGN’s interviews below were too good not to share with you. Plus, with all the praise heaped on it by some of Marvel’s finest, what’s not to like?

Brian Bendis on Siege #3:

“I think issue #3, which I’ve now seen completed and done, crackles because you know that anybody can go. Let’s put Thor away for a second. If [Sentry] did that to Ares, what’s Clint Barton going to do? What’s Spider-Woman going to do? There’s a genuine problem. So I think the battle crackles. And beyond the fact that it’s stunning – stunning – we have, on pages 18 and 19, an image that is more startling than what happened to Ares. I’ll even give you the page number!

“But as you can see, I’m not talking hype here. As you can see in these pages are staggering, stunning, gorgeous. And I’m very, very proud of it. We have another back-up feature in this issue as well, which I think people are enjoying. But yes, pages 18 and 19. And page 24 is pretty good too!”

Tom Brevoort on Siege #3:

“Issue #3 is the moment that people have been waiting for, when the other heroes actively join the fight, events escalate wildly, and a larger threat is revealed. As with the previous two issues, there’s not a second wasted as we rocket towards issue #4 and the conclusion!”

Marvel’s Description of Siege #3:

“THE MARVEL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR!! In the halls of Asgard and on the streets of small town America the entire Universe is gripped in a the greatest battle ever seen: SIEGE!! Lives have been lost! Lines have been drawn! And the battle for Asgard is in full force. The moment for revelations and life-changing moves is here, and for some, this will be the last choice they ever make in this world.”