Danny McBride Gearing Up For 'The Chadster'

Danny McBride Gearing Up For ‘The Chadster’

For just about all of 2008, Danny McBride ended up being the most ubiquitous screen comedian out there based on his cameos in Fanboys, Drillbit Taylor, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder and more. Things got a little more quiet in 2009, as he had a starring role in Land of the Lost and the original HBO series Eastbound and Down. Now it looks like things may be picking back up for the foul-mouthed actor.

According to Pajiba.com, the story of his latest comedy is basically set up to be “What if Kenny Powers was in Wedding Crashers?”:

The project is The Chadster, which at one time had The Hangover’s Todd Phillips attached to both produce and direct. Phillips has fallen off as director, but he’s still producing the comedy, which is moving ahead with Eastbound co-writer Shawn Harwell as scribe.

The studio wedding comedy, set up at Warner Brothers and produced by Phillips’ Green Hat Films, is about a best man who has his position threatened when an eccentric, long-lost childhood friend shows up at the wedding and causes trouble.

With this news coming in, a second season of Eastbound & Down on the way, McBride starring in an adaptation of the comic book Hench, and the actor popping up in another 5 films over the next year, it seems 2010 will be a repeat of 2008 for Danny McBride.