A Closer Look At Some of NBC's Midseason Shows

A Closer Look At Some of NBC’s Midseason Shows

In today’s television marketplace the traditional paradigm of new shows in the Fall and then reruns all Summer has gone away. Now, we get new shows almost anytime during the year with the midseason being one of the most popular.

Case in point are our friends at NBC who have several new shows for the midseason and we’ve got preview videos of some of them for you today. Some of these shows include The Marriage Ref, Minute to Win It and Who Do You Think You Are?.

For The Marriage Ref we’ve got a preview where Madonna goes head-to-head with Larry David and the panel turns again host Tom Papa Plus, Kelly Ripa and Don Rickles hand out some marriage advice. Next up is Minute To Win It where we find out just how difficult the challenges can be and get a closer look at two of the challenges with a slow motion camera.

Finally, with Who Do You Think You Are?, watch celebrities such as Lisa Kudrow, Spike Lee, Emmitt Smith and Susan Sarandon experience very personal moments and get a preview of four of these stories as they discover their own pasts. Actually, of the three, this one looks to be the most interesting. But whatever your thoughts about these shows, be sure to check out all the previews after the break.

The Marriage Ref

Celeb Versus Celeb
It’s Madonna versus Larry David.

How The Marriage Ref Works
Before you watch The Marriage Ref, you should know how it works.

Inside The Marriage Ref
Executive Producer Jerry Seinfeld, host Tom Papa, and celebrity panelists talk about what makes The Marriage Ref tick.

Marriage Secrets: Kelly’s Happy Marriage Secret
Kelly Ripa offers her twist on the age-old advice about never going to bed angry.

Marriage Secrets: Old Guy Marriage Secrets
Comedy legend Don Rickles explains some of the secrets of his 45 years of wedded bliss.

Minute to Win It

Triple Pong Plop
Slow motion reveals that some times you’ve just got to accept the way the ball bounces.

Can He Keep It Up?
Even in slow motion, keeping balloons aloft is harder than it looks.

Everybody Plays
Some visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood take their shots at the games of Minute to Win It.

BTS: Game Gurus
Backstage, Guy interviews the two Swedish masterminds who invent Minute to Win It’s challenges.

BTS: Behind the Curtain
Get a fly on the wall view as Guy, stagehands, and friends prep a game.

BTS: Game Agents
Petra and Ling give us an agent’s-eye view of the show.

BTS: Stage Tour
Guy gives the ultimate insiders tour of the Minute to Win It stage.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Lisa Kudrow Preview
Lisa learns a disturbing truth from her father about what happened to their family during WW2.

What’s to Come
The past can never be repeated, but it can be uncovered.

Emmitt Smith’s date with destiny
Emmitt finally finds the documents of a slave girl he’s been looking for and realizes he may have been destined to do so.

Seeking Susan
Susan Sarandon tries to uncover the two biggest mysteries of her family.

  • John E
    March 12, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Thanks bmd_13, Minute To Win It looks great!

  • bmd_13
    March 11, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Minute To Win It looks like such an awesome show! Guy Fieri is so entertaining, i think he was a great choice for a host! the games look hilarious sounds like a good time. Premieres Sunday march 14th at 8pm on nbc! Check out the facebook link: