Mastodon Video Game Sales Bragging Rights for Take-Two

Video Game Sales Bragging Rights for Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive has a lot to be happy about. They were pleased to report that BioShock 2 has already surpassed the 3 million unit sales mark since its February 9th release. At its current pace, it already looks like it will break the 4 million in sales the original game did. Some of the success is likely attributed to simultaneous releases of BioShock 2 on XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC as opposed to the staggered releases of the original.

Take-Two also reported their latest epic selling release, Grand Theft Auto IV, has topped the 15 million mark across all platforms. This doesn’t even include the downloadable content or Episodes from Liberty City disc pack sales. It’d be no surprise if this year at E3, a new GTA title was announced whether its GTA 5 or a Vice City or San Andreas update.

In Wii and DS news, Take-Two was proud to say that their Carnival Games series has exceeded the 6 million mark and continues to sell steadily. Like many games on the Wii and DS, Carnival Games is experiencing a longer than usual life cycle which lets Take-Two executives sit back with their feet up and not even have to bother planning a sequel just yet.

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