'UFC Undisputed 2010' New Features and BJ Penn Promo Video

‘UFC Undisputed 2010’ New Features and BJ Penn Promo Video

UFC Undisputed 2010 is already being billed as the top contender for fighting games for this year. With Brock Lesner as its headliner and over 100 members of the UFC roster playable in the game, it may feature the most unique number of matchups on any fighting game released this year.

And as last year’s titled has shown us, it isn’t about mastering combos like Down-to-Right + Strong Punch like the classic Street Fighter II days and racking up overblown combos. It is about innovative gameplay and strategy both on the players and developers part.

Ever trying to improve on their fighting systems like they did with the SmackDown vs. Raw series, THQ has announced some additional features making their debut in this year’s UFC Undisputed 2010:

  • Full upper body and head movement with a new Sway System
  • New Posture System that allows for stronger, fight-ending strikes from the ground
  • Introduction of Southpaw stance and the ability to change stances during a fight
  • Multiple MMA disciplines, including the new additions of Sambo, Karate and Greco-Roman Wrestling
  • Variety of new strikes, submissions, transitions and cage positions

In addition, THQ has released a new video featuring UFC Lightweight Champion “The Prodigy” BJ Penn. Featuring a mix of real life training techniques and fight footage along with in game action of Penn, the video goes to show what it really takes to step into the octagon.

With a 15-5-1 professional MMA record, Penn is one of the top athletes in the UFC and most recently successfully defended his Lightweight title against Diego Sanchez in a brutal and bloody matchup at UFC 107 in December of 2009. Take a look at BJ in action below, and be sure to keep it here for more updates on UFC: Undisputed 2010.