WC10: 'The Clone Wars' Season Finale Trailer Debuts in San Francisco

WC10: ‘The Clone Wars’ Season Finale Trailer Debuts in San Francisco

Since WonderCon is basically in Lucasfilms’s backyard, fans should expect some extra love from the company when the Con is on “home turf.” This year, fans who were able to pack into room 103 were treated a discussion led by Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, and featured Jamie King (Aurra Sing), Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett) and supervising director, Dave Filioni.

Plenty of time was spent discussing the role of bounty hunters in the series (especially this season), and how it’s not so easy to label them as “villains.” In discussing the character of Aurra Sing, actress Jamie King said that for her character, “it’s always about the money and the power.”

Since we’re dealing with the present and future Boba Fett, of course the topic of Slave 1 came up. King was genuinely excited that it was “her ship” for the moment and that it also looked like “and upside down C-3PO head” from the back.

Logan was giddy with relief on finally being able to talk about his work on The Clone Wars, and publicly thanked everyone who voiced their support of his involvement in the show.

The highlight of the panel, however, was the debut of the trailer, which featured a young, scowling and conflicted Boba Fett; a smirking Aurra Sing; and my favorite bounty hunter Boskk. King also announced that Filoni wrote and directed the three-part finale.

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars season two finale will begin airing on April 23.

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