Marvel Reveals First Two 'Secret Avengers'

Marvel Reveals First Two ‘Secret Avengers’

As many of you will remember, Marvel celebrated February with announcements for the Heroic Age where they revealed not one, not two, not even three but four teams of Avengers… well sort of.

In addition to the Avengers, the New Avengers and Avengers Academy rosters, Marvel put out a teaser campaign for the Secret Avengers as well. These teaser posters had a quote describing their respective member but only a blacked out silhouette for artwork.

These outlines have lead to massive speculation with names like Venom, the Black Panther, Doctor Voodoo and the Hood all being listed as possibilities. It looks like Marvel threw a little curve ball at everyone by leaving out certain details in the outlines of these silhouettes as well as you can see with the reveals of both Beast and War Machine as the first two Secret Avengers.

Things which could have helped narrow down the possibilities drastically for who these two were just “happened” to be left out such as Beast’s fur or the arsenal attached to War Machine’s shoulders. Still, kudos to Marvel for letting there still be some surprises in comic books today in a world full of online spoilers.

Take a peek below at the final reveal posters of Beast and War Machine and stick to The Flickcast for more reveals for the Secret Avengers as they happen.