Box Office: 'Date Night' Squeaks Out A Victory

Box Office: ‘Date Night’ Squeaks Out A Victory

At  the time of this writing, the Tina Fey/Steve Carell comedy Date Night is reported to have narrowly won the box office.  However, The Clash of the Titans was so close behind that it is possible adjusted totals may flip the positions of the two movies. Box Office Mojo is reporting that  Date Night made around $27.1 Million, while Clash made $26.7 Million, a tight margin of victory, to be sure.

This was the biggest opening weekend of Tina Fey’s career thus far, although Carell has had larger openings before.  The $27 Million take is quite good for a comedy.

Clash of the Titans dropped about 56% from opening weekend, which is higher than usual. Most films see about a 30% drop. The larger drop signals that interest for the movie may be waning quickly.

Good thing the flick had a big opening weekend. Clash has now made a total of $110 Million after two weekends, and looks like it will recoup its $125 Million budget. Incidentally, it looks like about 40% of that total was from 3D screens, meaning more than half came from 2D screenings.

How to Train Your Dragon only dropped of  a tiny bit (13%) in its third week, and scooped up another $25 Million in ticket sales. After three weekends, it has quietly accumulated over $133 Million, with no signs of slowing down.

Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too dropped like a stone (62%) in its second week in release, earning $11 Million.  No matter, its $48 Million two-week total is more than enough to be profitable.  The Last Song had an average drop, and made around $10 Million.

Alice in Wonderland came in at the number five spot with $5 Million. It has a cumulative total of over $319 Million for six weeks in release.

Outside of the top five, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is shaping up to be a hit.  It has made $53 Million in  four weeks, easily out-earning its small budget of $15 Million.  Also, a film I have never even heard of, save for the advertisements in my Sunday paper, cracked the top ten at the number ten spot. Letters to God opened on 897 screens and made about $1.25 Million.