Disney Goes Viral With 2 New 'Toy Story 3' Trailers

Disney Goes Viral With 2 New ‘Toy Story 3’ Trailers

Though Disney should consider their upcoming sequel to the smash hits Toy Story and Toy Story 2 an immediate success, it’s still nice to see that they aren’t pulling any stops with marketing. Even more surprising is that they’re actually going viral.

Nothing can really compare to some of the great viral marketing campaigns of past films like The Dark Knight, Cloverfield, or District 9, which all did pretty well in the box office. It seems that Disney is taking a different approach with two new trailers for the film.

In both trailers, you’re misdirected until the last 15 seconds of each promo into believing that you’re seeing a trailer for a new horror film or a commercial for some sleek new car. Ironically, you’re actually seeing two new trailers for Toy Story 3, which hits theaters in IMAX and Disney 3D on July 23rd.

Check both out after the jump and let us know what you think.