'We Are The X-Men'

‘We Are The X-Men’

Anyone who has been reading “X-Men: Second Coming” knows there are some HUGE changes in store for Marvel’s band of merry mutants. X-Men are crossing lines they never thought they would have to and it’s obvious that not everyone is going to be making it out of this event alive.

Not that it’s a spoiler, but we do know that in the end, the X-Men will survive the event of Second Coming but it looks like not only the team, but the entire concept of the word X-Men will be changing forever.

For the past week, Marvel has been rolling out promotional images, in a similar vein to their “I’m an Avenger” campaign showing off the new roster of the X-Men. Some of them are expected (pending they survive Second Coming) like Magneto and Gambit.

Others seem to come totally out of left field like Blade, Spider-Man and the Savage She-Hulk, all non-mutants. Take a look below at the images along with some added insight from Marvel editor Nick Lowe about these new X-Men.

“Nate Grey was the hope for the future, but he’s been torn apart by the present. Can he get himself together and fulfill his destiny?

“When The Scarlet Witch said ‘No more mutants,’ bubblegum-chewing X-gal Jubilee found out just how bad life can get. She’s de-powered and depressed. But is the world done with Ms. Jubilation Lee?”

“Something scary is brewing inside of Gambit. But is it good scary or bad scary?”

“The scariest person in the Marvel Universe already has ties to Wolverine. Does Warren Worthington III have enough cash to hire Elektra to solve the X-Men’s worst problems?”

“What’s Blade’s beef with the X-Men?”

“Raised by Cable, baptized in fire by Bastion, and with the deaths of many mutants on her shoulders, is there any chance of Hope being normal?”

“The Savage She-Hulk is a total wild card. You may think she has nothing to do with the X-Men, but if history proves anything, Hulks are unpredictable.”

“The X-Men’s former archenemy, Magneto, has joined their inner circle. As consigliore to Cyclops, he may have the best chance ever to secure the future for mutantkind.”

“Pslocke is a psychic ninja who can cut your mind in half with her psi-sword seconds before she cuts your body in half with a katana. You do not want to mess with her.

“The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is picking up a new neighborhood: San Francisco. Will the hero who gets no respect joins the species that gets no respect?”