'Tron Legacy' Viral Game Campaign Takes Off

‘Tron Legacy’ Viral Game Campaign Takes Off

Somebody must have brought the idea of viral marketing to Disney executives last year because they have been coming out of the woodwork with some pretty impressive new strategies. They started with Tron Legacy last year at San Diego Comic-Con with the exclusive “Flynn’s Arcade” party, which opened up into a huge crowd of gaming and film fans alike.

Now, they’re getting a bit deeper into the world of Tron, as a fake campaign has begun for the release of “Space Paranoids Online”, one of the original games created by Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and ENCOM, the character and company from the original Tron film.

The trailer also leads fans back to EncomInternational.com, which is a neat viral site used to show off the films fictitious evil company. You can tell from the site that the film’s main plot is that ENCOM plans to integrate the world into their video game universe, much like in the original film.

Check out the trailer for “Space Paranoids Online” after the jump, and be sure to catch Tron Legacy in theaters and IMAX 3D on December 17th.