Two New 'Iron Man 2' Posters

Two New ‘Iron Man 2’ Posters

With the Iron Man 2 release just two weeks away, we are eating up anything and everything given to us about the upcoming super hero blockbuster. Earlier today, director Jon Favreau, who seems to be the main source for all information being spread about his film, posted links on his twitter account to the two newest movie posters for the film.

The first shows one of the villains Iron Man and War Machine will be facing, Whiplash. Though it looks like Mickey Rourke may not have actually even showered since The Wrestler, if there is any actor who can portray this insane amalgam of the comic book versions of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo, all while bringing the character from obscurity to a household name, we have faith that Rourke is the one.

The second poster promotes the IMAX showings of the film with an image of Tony Stark’s slick new briefcase armor, which has been seen in various trailers for the film.

Check them both out in full after the jump, and stay with us as we draw closer to Iron Man 2‘s release on May 7th.