First Full Trailer For 'Twilight: Eclipse' Goes Online

First Full Trailer For ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ Goes Online

About a month ago, we brought you the first look at this summer biggest vampire film based on a bestselling novel with Twilight: Eclipse. The film is the second to last in the series, which is followed by Breaking Dawn, which can’t seem to find a director or structure.

The trailer for the film seems to focus more on the action of the film, and less on the drama, which is a nice switch from the previous films. In this one, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and his pack of family members must team up with the Edward (Rob Pattinson) and the Cullens to take down the rest of the vampire nation.

Of course, there is plenty of Edward-Bella-Jacob drama mixed in there, but it’s nice to think of a Twilight film to be about more than just an awkward love triangle.

Check out the first full trailer of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse after the jump, and be sure to catch it in theaters everywhere on June 30th.