Verizon Drops Google Nexus One In Favor of HTC Incredible

If you were one of the many people waiting for Google’s Android powered Nexus One smartphone to hit Verizon so you could finally get your hands on one, you’re not going to be very happy after reading this post. Sadly, it seems, Verizon has decided to get out of the Nexus One business and instead, will stick with HTC and the pending release of the DROID Incredible.

While this move may not come as a surprise to some, particularly the folks over at Tech Crunch, it did seem to come out of left field a little. After all, up until the last few days, the release of the Nexus One was trumpeted as coming soon by Google at the site where they sell the phone. Now it directs potential customers back to Verizon’s website to buy a competing product in the Incredible? Again, seems a bit out of left field.

As highlighted over at Tech Crunch, it seems Verizon is choosing to offer the latest and greatest device to its customers and doesn’t seem to think the Nexus One is that device. When it came out, it was the best Android phone on the market. Then, Motorola released the DROID, which has reigned supreme. Now, the Incredible looks to be the top Android phone, at least for now.

Competition is a good thing and often leads to great innovations as companies strive to come to market with better and cheaper products. I the end we may not understand Verizon or Google’s reasons for making certain decisions, but in this case at least, it looks like Verizon’s decision will benefit consumers who want the best Android phone they can get.

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