Danny Trejo Releases Illegal ‘Machete’ Trailer For Cinco De Mayo

Lots of people equate today with drinking Caronas, sitting outside, and celebrating a holiday nobody really understands anymore. This year, the holiday just got a little cooler, as a brand new “illegal” trailer for Machete hits the web.

When we first heard that Robert Rodriguez was going to extend his fake trailer that was attached to 2007’s Grind House, nobody really thought it would happen. Then we heard casting rumors that people like Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, and Steven Seagal were attached to the film, and our belief in the film’s existence became nothing more than a “what if” situation. Until now.

The first trailer for the film, which Danny Trejo declares is in celebration of Cinco de Mayo (and for the state of Arizona) just hit the web, and is pretty much like the original trailer, until you go “Holy crap, that is De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, and Steven Seagal??”

Check the trailer out after the jump, courtesy of AICN, and be sure to keep an eye out for all things Machete as we draw closer to it’s September 3rd release date.

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