'UFC Undisputed 2010' Introduces Online Camps

‘UFC Undisputed 2010’ Introduces Online Camps

One of the greatest strengths of successful online games is their ability to put a strong focus on the community of players that participate within it. It doesn’t just revolve around letting players communicate with each other. It comes from a true sense of connection that they are able to establish with one another and actually feel like they are part of something bigger.

Halo 2 had clans. World of Warcraft and Everquest have guilds. UFC Undisputed 2010 looks to bring their own community together with fully functional Online Camps. In addition to fighting under a name and banner with a group of friends, players will actually reap in game benefits from participating in Online Camps. One of the key features highlighted in the video below is sparring.

Much like real life fight camps, players will be able to go to others in their camp for help on certain techniques that their teammates may be better in. In addition to the moves that can be learned from training in the game’s single player mode, this Online Camp training will provide additional skill point benefits for the players involved.

Take a look after the jump at THQ’s first peek into the world of UFC Undisputed 2010’s online fight camps and stick right for more as we get closer to next week’s release!