TV RECAP: ‘The Office: The Whistleblower’

TV RECAP: ‘The Office: The Whistleblower’

Michael’s embroiled in the Sabre-flaming-printer-scandal. Sabre bigwig Jo (Kathy Bates) shows up and wants to know who sang to the press, putting Andy on the spot (apparently the titular whistleblower, but the camera seems to suggest weasly Gabe).

While Jo runs the investigation from the conference room, Michael tries sniffing out the culprit himself. His first stop is Darryl (who actually started the whole printer-fire controversy by trying to play a joke on Andy), and he reveals that he casually mentioned it to girl he was trying to pick up in a bar. Then Pam reveals that she let slip the rumor in daycare when she was trying to one-up another mother.

All the while the office is having its hard-drives scanned, which can always be counted on to reveal some strange and terrible truths about the Dunder-Mifflin (sorry, Sabre) employees. Kevin shows a great deal of concern over having the contents of his computer searched, and Toby’s apparently writing a mystery novel (“Why would a person who hates everyone want to have a relationship with the maid?”).

Michael holds an emergency conference with Darryl and Pam in Meredith’s minivan. Kelly joins in as well (“I think I tweeted it”), and the four decide to confess, but, naturally, Michael’s not up to it. Jo senses something’s up, and in a creepy Misery-esque turn (gotta mention it), drives Michael to the hanger where her private plane is kept (“Or you going to kill me?”).

Back at the office, Gabe concludes his investigation (was he even conducting one?), and decides—despite having no evidence—that it was Andy. The rest of the office objects and in turn accuses Gabe (and Creed, out of pure and unwarranted spite, declares it’s Angela), and in a fantastic sequence that comes out of nowhere, the tech guy (“What’s his name? Shadow or Guard or something weird” “It’s Nick.”) says he’s quitting to go teach computing to inner-city children, something that seems noble, but it’s tech guy, so who cares?…and confirms it was Andy.

Jo has a heart to heart with Michael, confessing that the real reason she wanted to find the whistleblower was to avoid talking to the press herself and recalling the printers (“I wanted a Barbie doll made of me—but if everyone remembers me for this, no one’s going to play with it.”). Michael takes one for the team and reads the statement. The episode ends with Jo returning the favor by agreeing to bring Holly back to Scranton.

Not a bad episode. Not quite as good as last week’s, but what could be? Kathy Bates does a fantastic job pouring her heart out to Michael, but for the rest of the episode, her uber-seriousness seems out of place with the show. Ryan’s mile-a-minute sales pitch for WOOF! (the social network to end all social networks) is a masterpiece of timing, and Nick (the tech guy) farewell is brutal, twisted, and hilarious.


“We can not let the pedophile win again!”

“I’m not sure you do, teddy bear.”

Jo giving Toby feedback on his novel.



“My new favorite restaurant sucks.”

“Suck it”

Oh please, oh please, oh please bring Holly back!