Get a Sneak Peak at ABC's 'No Ordinary Family'

Get a Sneak Peak at ABC’s ‘No Ordinary Family’

Now that this season of primetime TV is coming to a close, we have a few bright spots on the horizon. We’ve been bringing you some of the newest Fall schedules, along with a few previews of upcoming shows we think look cool. Keeping up with that theme we bring you a sneak peak at ABC’s new superhero comedy No Ordinary Family.

From a distance, the story plays out like a live-action version of The Incredibles, but upon closer inspection it actually has a bit more depth. Michael Chiklis plays Jim Powell, a regular husband and father who, alongside his wife and two children, are in an accident that give each of them unique powers. His wife, Stephanie (played by Dexter’s Julie Benz) develops super speed, while his children develop telepathy and other extraordinary mind powers. Jim, however, leads the family with the gift of invulnerability and super strength.

There are some obvious and great connections to former Chiklis projects in the pilot, such as his work as Ben Grimm/The Thing in Fantastic Four, and the fact that he plays a cop again, much like The Shield or The Commish.

The pilot has the potential to be exactly what NBC’s Heroes wasn’t for a lot of fans, and could be a fun, quirky family comedy with a comic book backdrop. Check out the trailer after the jump and be sure to keep an eye (and a DVR) out for No Ordinary Family this Fall on ABC.