WWE's Triple H To Star In 'The Chaperone'

WWE’s Triple H To Star In ‘The Chaperone’

Going as far back as 1982’s Rocky III, Vince McMahon and his WWE (then WWF) have been trying to integrate with Hollywood by blending their top performers into mainstream films. The result has been as infamous as Mr. Nanny and as famous as The Marine, with most falling somewhere in between. It seems that their newest venture could be closer to the former, as they delve back into comedy.

In the newest film, titled The Chaperone, the studios are tapping one of the main headliners of the past decade, Triple H, for the leading role. To amp up interest, they have also snagged veteran 80’s comedy director Steven Herek (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) to take on the film. Given the premise from a WWE press release, it may not turn out as bad as Mr. Nanny.

Ray Bradstone (Paul “Triple H” Levesque ) is the best “wheel man in the business,” but he is determined to go straight and be the best parent he can be to his daughter, Sally (Ariel Winter), and make amends with his ex-wife, Lynne (Annabeth Gish). As Ray struggles to find honest work, his old bank-robbing crew, led by Phillip Larue (Kevin Corrigan), offers him one last job. He agrees at first, but changes his mind at the last second leaving the crew without a driver.

Ray decides instead to serve as a “chaperone” for Sally’s school field trip. When the robbery goes awry, Larue blames Ray and chases the school bus all the way to the Museum of Natural History in New Orleans. Ray must deal with Larue, while supervising Sally’s class on what becomes one of the craziest school trips ever.

Basically, the premise is like The Transporter meets Speed with kids. Not the worst idea ever, and it would be nice to see Levesque in a larger capacity than his role in Blade Trinity. There was actually a long period of time where Triple H was the top pick to play both Thor and Conan The Barbarian. This could finally be his moment to shine.

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